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No more useless meetings and moderationLet's begin true discussions and consensus building!

AI does all facilitations while you discuss.

D-Agree streamlines all discussions and consensus building

In D-Agree, discussion is speedy. You only need to register your discussion "theme" and send your opinion. Soon exchange of opinions begins. Dialogues with AI will further brush up your own opinion.

AI follows your opinion

AI will facilitate your discussion in real-time. It will support effective opinion exchanges with your colleagues. Navigation through consensus building is made easy with "expanding" and "deepening" opinions.

Visualization of interactions

AI visualizes the exchange of opinions in real time.

Even if you join in discussion from the middle you can easily understand all past interactions.

No more worries about recording and sharing.

Ranking function

D-Agree ranks participants by number of remarks and points they earn.

You can find people who have had positive influences on others.

We will realize a fair evaluation of meeting participants.

Voting function (New Function!)

Election with D-Agree.

Opinions by you and other candidates are discussed by a number of participants before they vote for or against them. Discussion and voting realize a consensus.

Posting function

Function Description
Posting function You can post your opinion on a theme. You can also post image and other files.
Reply function You can reply to a posted opinion.
Like function You can “like” a posted opinion.
Sharing on Facebook You can share your opinion on your Facebook timeline
Sharing on Twitter You can share your opinions on Twitter with your followers

Utility function

Function Description
Featured threads Actively discussed threads are picked up as Featured Threads
Discussion points Posting, replying, and agreeing to your discussion will be converted into points
Ranking Participants are ranked by their discussion points and by the number of their posts.
AI summary AI classifies and visualizes the content of discussions in real time